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Massage Therapy and Us

There is little doubt that massage was the first health procedure. 
The first thing we do when we feel pain anywhere in our bodies is 
to grab it and rub it; our primal ancestors surely did the same, 
long before they figured out which herbs to ingest or which gods 
to pray to. Massage therapy has had a long and distinguished history, having been known to the ancient Chinese and Japanese, 
the Greeks and Romans.

The art of massage therapy is what I can provide to you. It has been proven that our muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia -- respond to touch. Most pain is myofascial (soft-tissue) in origin. Trigger points -- sensitive points in muscles which radiate or refer pain to various
parts of the body -- can mimic many conditions.

That is why I offer my services to help leviate discomfort and help tissue and muscles relax and therefore helping you to have a better well being.

For the past several years I have been working to help individuals with many different pain and discomfort levels but many individuals like it's benefits for its relaxation purposes. Here at Massage by Laura I am a highly trained and skilled professional and would like to make you and your body feel better and more relaxed today. Isn't time you did something for you?



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